what is something you'll never get tired of?

@jhl930 (3605)
United States
October 30, 2008 9:02pm CST
i think in all relationships there are things that you will never get tired of or that will never get old in a relationship, like for my girlfriend she has told me that she loves it that i am always there to listen to her when she has a bad day and that i will always be able to make her laugh and things like that and when i just come out and say i love you baby or something like that, she says that those things will never get old...so i was just wondering what is something in your opinion that will never get old with you? i would like to take this time to thank everyone for taking the time out of your day to come by and read and review my discussion and hopefully answering, and trying to help me, and i hope that you all have a great day and night tonight, thanks again for taking the time to stop by.
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@figjam00 (1450)
• India
1 Nov 08
i think from childhood i am very fond of dancing i can dance anytime i am passionate about it completely and yes one more thing is acting i love that also whenever i get free time i do these things...
• India
31 Oct 08
Its wonderful that you are always there to hear out your gf. Its one of the fundamental principles of any working relation…most relations break apart coz people are just not there when it matters. Believe me, it really matters when you have somebody to get it off your chest! For me, it’s the feeling when my hubby returns home. No matter where he goes and for how long (except maybe the neighbourhood grocery) its always a heady feeling for me when I see him coming in through the door. It feels as if my home is alive again.