Is the a friend you miss?

@Corimore (249)
United States
October 31, 2008 9:55am CST
Is there someone special that you used to hang out with all the time, but now became estranged. Do you want that relationship back? What happened to end it?
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• United States
1 Nov 08
rite now i miss my pregnant and never can see him anymore.he has school work then sumtimes wrestling theres no time for us anymore. =[ it makes me feel like i wana give up.but sumhow im barely making it day by day...he said i wuldnt be alone and that hed be there for me...but he cant be..and im scared of being alone this is my first kid =[
@cripfemme (7715)
• United States
31 Oct 08
I miss my friend Anthony a lot. He's disabled and so am I. We used to hang out all the time talking about art, activism, and being disabled. A couple months ago, though, we had a falling out because he was being irresponsible as my business partner. I don't think I want to go back into business with him but I want to hang out with him separate from that again.
@lishiwei (1553)
• China
31 Oct 08
Yes,it's really need to make it back!
@nilugo (348)
• Singapore
31 Oct 08
When I was in University, I used to hangout with a friend all the time -she and I used to be like best friends. I miss those days. But after uni and marriage we are in two different countries -and she is with kids and very busy so we hardly have the chance to talk to each other now except for sending birthday cards or an occassional e-mail to each other. I wish we could go back to our uni days again...