how to get out of depression

@wujinbo (341)
November 2, 2008 5:19am CST
when you are at work or on school,you sometimes feel that into a depression.beaucuse you cant handle it or you dont have alot of hands to finish all the things after your boss assign a mission to you or your teachers let you do some homework in a certain well as your anxiety,you feel more and more depression,so you are deep into a trap and you cant get out of it this time you will not what to do ,even you know you should tell this things to your friends to relief your pressure,but you dont do that,for you dont want to trouble your friends and your friends have work to do .just then you feel helpless and find some way to let your body lay down the heavy burden......cant someone give some way to solve the problem???
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@besthope44 (12145)
• India
8 Oct 10
Well i take it every weekend and at during festival months i never miss vacations, that my best depression relieving out of mechanical life.
• China
23 Dec 08
be happy time...
@dsuh2010 (23)
• United States
9 Nov 08
I know that this may seem biased, but I felt that reconnecting back to my Christian roots have really helped me. I am just a student, but come freshman of high school, I thought that I would be really prepared and be in the upper tier of the class. Yet, I realized that this was not middle school; then I was overcome with so much stress because the possibility of doing well was not really a probable option. I thought that there really was no point in life, and at this time, I felt that I rejected all good. I did not go to church for a while by this time regularly, yet as a child, I went very frequently. When I moved, I did not have as large of a burden because I eventually realized that being successful here is not the most important agenda. One may ask what the purpose of life is then. Many people may say to live a good life or to go to a great college and make a ton of money; yet, what about when you die? What is the purpose of all your work? You should continue to work hard, but when you have a little time, I would highly recommend reading the Bible. If you would like some recommended readings, please read the Books of John (1,2, and 3), Matthew, and Romans. In my viewpoint, I feel that working hard for a genuine cause is to be disciplined and the rewards (pay) is a gift that is from God. Yet, this money should not go to waste, but go to help better yourself or others (healthy food, donating for a good cause, living). If you do not work on Sundays, please go to a church (recommend: Presbyterian, Lutheran, Methodist) and ask the pastor how to live better. I am usually in a ton of stress, but the reassurance that God is always with me in all my predicaments just gives me solace in the fact that I should not give up. Do what you can manage for six days and keep one day for rest (a weekend possibly). If you have this time, buy a Bible and read some passages with an open heart. I truly hope that you will appreciate and live by the Bible. And just maybe you may be able to change your mindset. Remember, I know that God loves all that love Him. He will help you if you need any. I thank you for your time and patience, Daniel
@EAStanley (2689)
• United States
9 Nov 08
I need a combination of meds and counseling. I have had to learn relaxation techniques. I take a walk or listen to my favorite music if I am able to at the time. Otherwise, I just take a deep breath. If I can find somebody to talk to that is great. Otherwise, I just write down my feelings. Just getting out is usually helpful enough to get through one particular episode.
@lynnemg (4539)
• United States
3 Nov 08
There are a few options. One being medical assistance. You can go to a doctor and explain what is going on. The doctor may prescribe medication that will actually help you cope and get through the rough patch you are in. Another way is to talk about how you are feeling with someone you trust. Sometimes, writing is also a goods way to overcome a situation. By getting your thoughts and feeling out in the open, whether verbally, or on paper, you have in essence gottent them out of your head. If you write them down, you have the opportunity to review them yoursdelf and sometimes, a solution can be found that way. If you speak to someone else, you can get their input from a different perspective. Many people do not want to visit a doctor when they are in a depression because they do not want to appear to be weak. Depression is not a weakness, and there is help for those who suffer.