"It's the ECONOMY, Stupid"

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November 3, 2008 1:34pm CST
Well, it seems everyone is voting based on the economy, if the media is to be believed. That issue has outweighed all others, even the war in Iraq. And it's a BIG, SERIOUS issue. Historically, NO ONE, not even Democrats, raises taxes in a bad economy because it will WORSEN that bad economy. One who went against the grain was Herbert Hoover, who raised taxes on probably a smaller group of very high earners. The result was THE GREAT DEPRESSION. I was listening to Robert Kiyosaki the other day. He was a guest on a news show as a financial person. He's very wealthy. And he has NO CHOICE on the candidates. He called himself NEUTRAL because he doesn't think either plan is good. Here is what he said. Obama's idea of raising taxes on the wealthier is unheard of and will push us into Depression, with the job loss, as we all should know WE end up paying for that tax increase, not the corporations. He said traditionally Democrats "tax and spend", which at this point will result in depression if carried out too far and at least deeper recession. He said traditionally Republicans "borrow and spend". He said IF McCain follows that "tradition" then he will end up causing very bad inflation. So in his mind neither candidate will have a good plan, because he assumes both will follow tradition. Well it is CLEAR Obama is following that tradition. One thing we DO KNOW is McCain is NOT one to "borrow and spend"!!!! He has spent most of his career BATTLING such idiocy. What McCain wants to do is LEAVE TAXES ALONE, and CUT SPENDING to BALANCE the BUDGET For a long time now people have been complaining LOUDLY about the deficit, and yet, when faced with two candidates, one who wants to ADD almost ONE TRILLION to the existing budget, creating an even huger deficit, and one who wants to reign in the budget and balance our budget, why is ANYONE considering going for a BIGGER DEFICIT, especially bigger by THAT MUCH???
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@kdhartford (1152)
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4 Nov 08
The only issue for me is not the economy, but national security. Without protection, we won't even have an economy.
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@katran (590)
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3 Nov 08
I have given up trying to reason with people. They have got it set in their minds that Obama is going to "save" the country, for whatever reason...and there is just no way to change anyone's mind. They see McCain is a Republican and they think he is Bush. The average person doesn't know a thing about who they are voting for, it seems/