the true meaning of christmas is christ!!!!

jesus is the reson for the season - happy birthday jesus
@jesus777 (664)
November 4, 2008 8:37am CST
it is not about presents christmas trees and lights and santa claus it is the day that christians the birth of our lord and saviour do not forget to wish christ a happy birthday and dont forget to thank him for all the blessings that he ahs upon you through out the year!!!!the world says happy xmas and that makes me cringe because they are xing out our lord and saviour jesus christ does it bother you as christians when people say happy xmas they say it is short way to say merry christmas!!!!but think about it christians satan hates christ and he is the prince of this world and he dont want christ to be glorified in any way so he is persuading to x him out!!!!christians we need to take stand and say blessed christmas every chance we get we need witness to others the true meaning of christmas which is christ!!!!!!!!while you are sitting around eating your christmas feasts opening your presents and whatever else dont forget too say happy birthday to jesus sn remenber that jesus gave us the greatest gift of all it was in pretty wrapping under a tree with lights but it was the best gift of all his son jesus christ so i am urging not to forget to celebrate the christ in christmas!!!!!
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• Philippines
4 Nov 08
yes Jesus is the reason for the season. Jesus started our salvation upon HIs birth and it should be celebrated as a thanksgiving. And it is true that satan wants to x him during this season, He wants us to glorify Gifts, Santa Claus and all those symbols, which in reality did'nt even contribute anything to our salvation. And it is just so sad, many Christian did'nt know it and continue on saying merry xmas instead of Merry Christmas. Thanks for this discussions. It is an eye opener for everybody who will read this.Have a nice day and God bless.
@jesus777 (664)
• Bermuda
4 Nov 08
god bless you too to much of epople xing out the christ in christmas i will stand up for my lord saviour ever chance and oppurtunity i get in jesus name!!!! happy mylotting chow for now~~~~
@EAStanley (2689)
• United States
6 Nov 08
Amen! :) You have said it all! :) I also thank you for these Discussions! :) God Bless you! :)
@cathya (705)
• Philippines
5 Nov 08
Christmas reminds us of the great love of GOD for us. That because of HIS love he gave us His Son Jesus Christ to show us the meaning of LOVE. We are the reason why we have Christmas! Because we are loved by GOD. I guess for us believers and followers of Christ, we must start living the true meaning of Christmas, lets share the love of GOD to others in our own very little ways. Lets make this season a season of Love for GOD is LOVE. Lets share the CHRIST in us to others....Happy Christmas!