Barack Obama - a black president?

November 4, 2008 10:31am CST
How come Barak Obama is defined as a black man when one of his parents is black and the other white? Surely he is no more black than white? I like the guy. I think he is great and I hope he wins the election but it still seems strange to me that he is defined as one or the other. Strikes me that he can just as easily be called a white president as a black one. maybe that is one of his most appealing features?
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@sudalunts (5526)
• United States
4 Nov 08
Well, my opinion is that since there is so much hatred in the US towards black people, if Obama was categorized as black, that would make him less inviting to become president of a country that consists of both black and white citizens, Since the presidency seems to be geared only for a white man running for president, and most people will steer more to the white candidate than the black. I do not know why the black and white issues had to come out in this campaign. There are two MEN running for the office. Not every two people are the same, that should be understand, but in order to differentiate them, they call one black and the other white instead of the two candidates. As I have said from the beginning, LET THE BEST MAN WIN
4 Nov 08
Very well said Sir! However, whilst I agree with you entirely I can't help but still wonder at the logic of the description. I agree it would be nice if it were just will Obama be president? However it isn't. The press scream out... will Obama be the first black president? Until I found out his Mum was white I thought nothing of it at all. Then I couldn't help but wonder why he is classified as one rather than the other. The sooner people lose the whole black/white issue the better (you don't see much Asian/white issues going on but that is another discussion). I hope that Obama being president will be another step towards ending the ridiculous prejudices that exist in the world today which are based on such ludicrous non-reasons.