Department Of Labor Disappointment !

@Chevee (5915)
United States
November 6, 2008 12:04pm CST
By now as much as I have wrote it most of my friends here that read my responses know that I will be out of a job by the end of the year. Well the other day Department of Labor was at the company talking to us about unemployment compensation and the options and opportunities that we had. Which was very disappointing to me. They kept saying to try to find a job. Have you been looking at the news lately about the job market out there. There aren't any not around here any way. What I really wanted to tell you all was that those people stood before us and told us that if we got sick or ill for a whole week we could not draw any unemployment money for that week. To draw this money you have to be physically able to perform some type of work and conduct an active search for full-time work each week. And we can only draw this money for 26 weeks. We have to fill out forms saying that we have searched for a job. They live around here so where are we going to search? They know there aren't any jobs. That meeting was a very big disappointment to me. Everyone that was in that meeting felt the same way that it was a waste of time. How do you feel about the job search in your area? Do you know how your unemployment compensation works?
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@ronaldinu (12445)
• Malta
9 Nov 08
I pity those persons who are unemployed not because they won't to work but because they cannot find any suitable job for them. I guess the employment situation is similar in each country. It does not look promising here either. Some factories are working on a four day week here. I wish you luck in your job quest! © ronaldinu 2008
@Opal26 (17690)
• United States
7 Nov 08
Hi chevee, Yes I do know very well how it works and it is very bad. I have been on it before and they are serious here in NY where I live. In fact in Yonkers, the city that I live in they are very very strict. They do call you in when they feel like it to check and make sure that you are actively looking for a job! They check you job search logs and you had better have them with the places and names and phone numbers. You have to have a certain amount per week or you will lose your unemployment insurance. It is really no fun! It depends on where you live how they treat you and they don't care whether there are jobs available or not. They know how the market is but they don't want to hear it! They make you feel like crap here! It is very scary! Hopefully it won't be like that where you live. In fact, I'm sure it won't be.
6 Nov 08
Hi Chevee, That is disgusting, some should have asked them to find a job for all, just because they have a job, do they think you are all idiots? it makes my blood boils with people like that. ?We don't have any problems with jobs here, but at the same time those who are out of work get their benefits striaght away. Love & Hugs. Tamara
@GardenGerty (100502)
• United States
6 Nov 08
Around here they file for unemployment online. They do not check up on what you say you have done for the week. Some people sit and do not even look for jobs. I think a lot of the unemployment offices have closed down so that is why they do it that way. It used to be the way you describe. I have never filed, but hubby has several times. Even if you do not think you will get hired, Chevee, you only have to fill out one or two applications weekly. Twenty six weeks is half a year. One time hubby went a full six months without even getting an interview.
• United States
6 Nov 08
there are nojobs around here for sure. all u hear is plant closings over & over. i never drew unemployment but once in my life & that's been 25 years ago so i really don't know anything about it now. i'm sorry your meeting didn't go well. are u planning to look for another job? good luck if u do.
@rusty2rusty (6767)
• Defiance, Ohio
6 Nov 08
As long as you fill out job applications you are alright. You can be sick but sick fill out job applications. Just like people get sick and still go to work. Even thou no jobs are avaible. You still need to fill an application out at that place. It shows you are looking for a job. Even if you can't find it. In my area I am seeing many people change professions and going back to school. Or they are forced to work fast food because the jobs are so bad.