What is good about philippines???

November 6, 2008 11:54pm CST
Ok, i will be very frank but dun get me wrong and think that i am showing disrespect for filipino and start flaming me or f#$# me. haha. I am a singaporean and now i am residing in China. From the start, i do not have a lot of info about philippines, maybe there wasn't much news coverage in my local paper. the only info or impression i have of philippines are that the country is corrupted, pp are violent as crimes rates is very high and kidnapping is frequent there. I think it is one of the highest in the world. A lot of politics battle in the country and i only knew about marcos (if i get it right) who was corrupted during his reign and a female president whom i could not recall her name. My negative perception of philippines increased further when one of my good friends married a filippino in a flash marriage after about 2-3 months of courtship as the woman was working in a pub while on visit pass. thereafter, the relationship turn sour and the woman demanded a lot of $ from my friend for the divorce which we speculated that the woman had it all planned up in the 1st place. So as u can see, my impression of philippines was formed up in this manner and i did not have any other info on it. So maybe you can share with me some of your views and it would be good to present real and factual info rather than makeup info to try to portray a good impression of it. I am one who accept critisim, true facts and would apologised if i had offended anyone in this topic