how do i stop negative thoughts?

November 7, 2008 7:39am CST
by Rhonda Byrne "How ho I stop my negative thoughts?" - is a question that I have been asked many times. If you have ever asked this question then you will feel such enormous relief in knowing the answer, because it is so simple. How do you stop negative thoughts? You plant good thoughts. When you try to stop negative thoughts, you are focusing on what you don't want - negative thoughts - and you will attract an abundance of them. They can never disappear if you are focused on them. The "stop" part is irrelevant - the negative thoughts are your focus. It doesn't matter if you are trying to stop negative thoughts or control them or push them away, the result is the same. Your focus is on negative thoughts, and by the law of attraction you are inviting more of them to you. The truth is always simple and it is always easy. To stop negative thoughts, just plant good thoughts! Deliberately plant good thoughts! You plant good thoughts by making it a daily practice to appreciate all the things in your day. Appreciate your health, your car, your home, your family, your job, your friends, your surroundings, your meals, your pets, and the magnificent beauty of the day. Compliment, praise, and give thanks to all things. Every time you say "Thank you" it is a good thought! As you plant more and more good thoughts, the negative thoughts will be wiped out.
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15 Nov 09
Well i do agree it is hard, transitioning from the norm and trying to enforce primarily positive thoughts. I am a testament to that.....But I have found something that have worked, and too each his own....That is I built up a dream/fantasy and every time I think of that fantasy it makes me feel great. It is can be challanging at times, but for the most part, it does work for me.
• Philippines
19 Nov 09
It's nice to hear your share of being positive. ^_^
@jacklintan (1302)
• Malaysia
14 Jan 11
hi icedcoffeemallows, Rhonda Byrne has been thru a facets of life with so much challenges in family, relationship and health. All these three factors deliberately been concurring her life which was filled with so much unhappiness, depression and loveless. If you still remember "The Secret" a book given by her son as a gift for mum herself to recover, this book immediately sparked her attention that she was the one who invites all the negativity into herself. Also to say, she has the power to STOP negative thoughts. We all DO! We can stop negative thoughts and choose POSITIVE Thoughts! It is a SECRET which claimed by Rhonda that it has been hidden from people many thousand years ago from the few powerful people in the last century. The first thing, you need to ask yourself, Are you willing to accept the fact that negative thoughts will push you beyond your goal and happiness? Our emotions play a great part in determining these thoughts. Whenever you're down, unhappy and stresses up, immediately our emotions will "inform" us that we are not feeling good and this could generates lots of negative thoughts around us. These thoughts could be something in the past, the present and the future. So, before you managed your thoughts, enpower your emotions with feelings of gratitude and appreciation towards life. It will help you to generate more happy thoughts hence minimise the negative thoughts around you. Good luck