When you watch movie at home, do you lie down or sit on your couch?

Let's watch a Movie.. -  What a nice way to relax..watching my favorite movie!
@zhaychel (610)
United Arab Emirates
November 8, 2008 10:03am CST
When I watch a movie, I'm usually comfortable when I lie down because all my body is at rest. I will just be on a sitting position when I'm in movie theaters. HOW ABOUT YOU WHAT'S YOUR MOST COMFORTABLE POSITION WHILE WATCHING MOVIE?^^,
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@tryxiness (4548)
• Philippines
11 Nov 08
At home, if I am watching movies, I usually sat on the floor or just lie down while watching them. In the theaters, I definitely just sit.
@kun2349 (23475)
• Singapore
10 Nov 08
SUrprising, i dun like to lie down whenever i'm watching tv or movies at home.. I will feel very uncomfortable instead.. lol =D I just dunno why i dislike the feeling.. ANd if i'm watching at home, i will tend to walk about, and so it will be very much easier for me to get up if i'm sitting.. hehe ^_^ And maybe it's also because i'm on a crounch, thus, i dun like lying down on it.. hehe ^_^
@secretbear (19464)
• Philippines
9 Nov 08
hi zhaychel! when i'm watching movies at home i usually sit in a chair. i seldom lie down. i feel like i can appreciate the movie if i'm sitting because i can move easier. like, if i'm lying down, its hard to laugh your heart out. ^__^ when you feel like crying, you'd get up and sit to wipe the tears. when you're scared you'll still get up because you feel the mystery and suspense and you can't take it lying down. ^__~ you can't react immediately over a stimulating scene because movements are limited when you're lying down. so i prefer to watch a movie while sitting. just like when i'm watching a movie in the theaters.
@twallace (2675)
• United States
9 Nov 08
Both from time to time I can start off sitting up then somewhere during the movie or show. I might just end up lying down on the couch. Then the next thing comes after you get comfortable on the chair. The snoozing comes up on you, while your watching a show or a movie. Then the next thing you know your waking up in the middle or the end of the show that you call yourself watching. Even if your sitting up the snooze can creep up on you and the same thing happens. Your waking up in the middle,or the end of the show or movie. I know that has happen to you too.
@laglen (19780)
• United States
8 Nov 08
I usually sit in a rocking chair. We don't have a couch, I got rid of it. so we have to sit upright. I don't like laying in the living room, if you want to lay down, go to bed!
@lisa0502 (1726)
• Canada
8 Nov 08
I like to lay on the couch when I watch a movie. I find though sometimes I end up falling asleep so I miss some of the movie. I do not go to the theaters, I watch all my movies at home.
• Philippines
8 Nov 08
I'm on my bed, back rested against the headboard, with my feet all stretch in front hugging my fave pillow... that's how i like it
@Takashy (496)
• Latvia
8 Nov 08
It depends. I most probably be lying down if I am tired or half lying if I am eating something. But I do watch sometimes movies while sitting. Or better.. I just sit or lie down whichever is the most comfortable at that given moment.
@beki710 (949)
8 Nov 08
I like to curl up when I'm watching a movie at home, so I'm sitting but my legs are tucked up underneath me. That's a position I feel most comortable in, I've been known to actually do it in a cinema as well (this meant taking my shoes off) just because I like to be comy while watching a movie, especially if it's very long!