Have You Ever Got An Electric Shock And How ?

November 9, 2008 11:31am CST
The subject says it all so give me some responses people.
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• United States
10 Nov 08
When I was 5 I stuck some keys in to an outlet... not sure why (ha) but the results were definitely shocking. I shot across the room and hit my bed. I think it was the electricity causing my legs to push off the wall? Not sure. I remember waking up a little bit later. My mother was freaking out. She had me on the counter in the kitchen. I was black all over from it. I had to go to the hospital and they got the black off of me with this yellowish substance that I was calling pee water!
@ShealM (388)
• Canada
9 Nov 08
I have an admittedly funny in hindsight story of being shocked. I was about 11 or 12 when I went on a nature hike with a friend. There happened to be deer fencing in the area and I lost my balance only to grab the electrified line and ended up getting shocked. My foot and leg shot out from under me and I ended up flat on my back from it. No worse for wears though. At the time I wasn't laughing but now I can look back at it and giggle at the situation. Not so funny was the time I was playing with a plug in toy with a friend and the cord was frayed and we didn't know. Both of us came very close to being zapped by accident. I've also been sitting at the computer when a cord next to me (not 2 feet from me) exploded at the base of the plug in and started sparking. I had my (at the time) 3 month old nursing son in my lap when it happened. Turned out there was a defect in the cord that we didn't know about that caused the problem. Our van almost got hit by lightening while we were driving once. It hit the road in front of us about 2 feet from the front of the van. We were bush camping and on our way back from a trek out to town for supplies. Scariest thing I've ever seen. It was bright hubbs had to pull over for a few minutes to regain his sight to be able to drive. It was also an amazing display of nature, very awe inspiring to see such power and beauty at the same time as being scared witless.
@Sheepie (3118)
• United States
9 Nov 08
Well, I remember that one time when I was younger, I had wet hands and I went to either plug in or unplug a hair dryer. It was very small, but it was the first time it had ever happened to me so I got scared. I was okay though. I also have gotten static shocks, but those are just very annoying. I would get them on the plastic slides at McDonald's when I was little.
@beki710 (949)
9 Nov 08
When I was about 8 and on holiday in France I got an electric shock off an electric fence. I was so scared when it happened! I know that it was nothing like a proper electric shock from a mains plug but at the time I was pretty upset. My Mum however did teach me how to tell if an electric fence is on. You get a long blade of grass and lay it on the fence, if you can feel a throbbing through the grass the fence is on. Useful information for me now. Wish I hadn't touched the fence then though!