This story sickens me, I grieve for people who are used in such a manor

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November 10, 2008 2:30pm CST A tree is known by its fruit and the fruit that feeds the carnal and not the spirit is a tree of death not life. While I do believe that we should all be sons of God spiritually I do not see this man and his teachings feeding people spiritually I only see it as a way to feed his own carnal desires. If he has ever done and charitable work its ruined by his acts. I see why Paul was so adamant to not take anything from the churches so that none of his work would be called into question and that all of his work would be for Jesus and not to his own. Such self proclaimed Messiahs are a blight on all religions and are wolves sparing none of the flock. I know there has to be vessels of dishonor as well as honor but does the difference need to be so blatant. I guess it must if there are people who cant even see the difference in this and what Jesus did. Why do people turn to other people instead of turning to God? Why do people look for Jesus in the flesh when they should be looking to be a son of God?
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20 Nov 08
Jesus tells that there will be such people and that we must be vigulant and not get caught up with them. If we really study our bible and know it we know that jesus would never do the things this man is doing. Jesus tells us not to out to see these false Jesuses.