Have you ever mixed, Crystal Light flavored packets, into clear water before?

United States
@cream97 (29184)
November 10, 2008 6:01pm CST
I recently went to Walmart and bought the sugar free flavored Crystal Light packets. I have up to three flavors... They are very delicious! All, I do is mix the flavored packet into cold water and I shake it up in my water bottle... I then will have an sugar free drink that is only 5 calories per serving.. I had the watermelon flavor today.. And it tasted so good! You add no sugar.. All you do is shake it up in cold water... And there you have it, your own personal favorite flavored water! Have you ever tried this before? I have also purchased the Crystal Light drinks that are already made flavored.. These are good too! I love to drink cool drinks and I love dong so, while being able to be healthy at the same time..