Whats Up with CrewBux???

November 10, 2008 7:08pm CST
OK people something i really want to ask?? whats up with that site. I have made 15 $ on that site and everytime i ask for cashout. My payment gets cancelled after a few days. Whats up with them? Do they keep on changing the Tos ?? Or what?? What is it with them? Well i really dont understand !! Well i do hope that, Crewbux pays me and pays me soon oR else i'll leave that site. Its been 3 months i have been trying to cashout and they keep cancelling the cashout every single time as if nothing happened. Kinda flares me up Alot !!
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@stephcjh (32327)
• United States
11 Nov 08
That is terrible. I do not like any of the Bux sites anymore. I am still waiting after 6 months to be paid by two of them. I bet I never get it.
• India
14 Nov 08
Oh Wow Six months???? Wic bux sites are these?? can i know about it? Well i woul dbe glad to know about bux sites like these. Lol and then i know ill never take part in them . Wait wait. Is one of them .Bux.to??? Lol Thats the only site that can make you wait for more than 6 months or even 6 months. Well i am just very curious to know the other bux site. Which is still on since 6 months and not becmoe scam and still paying. Well anyways thanks for replying here buddy and happy mylotting to you :)