pregnancy and digestive problems

November 10, 2008 9:34pm CST
i used to have my daily disposal of bodily garbage when i wasn't yet pregnant with my first baby. i used to have a pretty functional digestive system. but now that i am pregnant, i really find it hard to digest my food intake. here is what i do: 1. i try to chew my food slowly so that they will be cut in small pieces and my saliva can start the breaking down of the nutrients 2. i drink lots of water 3. i eat fruits before meals 4. i drink yakult, a lactobacilli drink 5. i eat vegetables with meals 6. i sometimes eat prunes 7. i drink yoghurt or fresh fruit juice for afternoon snacks sigh, i am still constipated and i feel so bloated. the food just takes too long to digest. oh well, i guess that is a side effect of pregnancy that i will just have to deal with. anyone with the same problems? take care all and God bless youj! :-)
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@reinydawn (11649)
• United States
11 Nov 08
I had the same problem with my second child, although I don't remember it being a problem with my first. Now, this was 22+ years ago, and I think I just toughed it out. You want to make sure that the fruits/vegetables you are eating are high in fiber. Stay away from bananas, they'll bind you up. Broccoli is good for you, though. Sometimes a fiber suppliment is a good place too - fiber is actually not just for bowels, but helps keep the arteries cleaned out too! Good luck! I know you've got to be uncomfortable.
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• Philippines
11 Nov 08
thanks reiny! will avoid the banana and try the broccoli. :)
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@rsa101 (17845)
• Quezon City, Philippines
11 Nov 08
I guess my wife had that too but she experienced it later in her pregnancy when her belly was really big and the doctor said its natural that the food would move on slowly in the intestines as the baby sometimes blocks the intestines. It even displaces where the original position of the intestines that is why digestions slows down.