it is all about my best response

United States
November 11, 2008 2:54am CST
Hello to my co-mylotters. I am interested to know if you do care about best responses. Do you always choose best response to those topics/discussions you started? Do you always check and read my best response of those topics you read and commented? When you give comments on other topics, do you hope to get the “my best response”? Seems a lot of questions to answer, but I would be glad if you would share your opinions with this. As for me, I do read those marked my best response to those discussions I read. I always look for it for every discussion that caught my interest. I also hope to get my best response title on discussions, but my comments are not limited to those discussions which have no best response yet. I think marking mybest response to our discussions will help others increase their income and to those who receive the best response, it would make them feel they have help you in some another way, especially if the topic you started is about asking an advice, opinion and help. I think to those who mark my best response on their discussion, they tend to give it to person who give a unique answer, an answer that gives an impact to the situation, just like I do.
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@stephcjh (32327)
• United States
11 Nov 08
I am interested in best responses when I am seeking information about something. It is hard to choose a best response for something I am just sharing with others.
@subha12 (18453)
• India
11 Nov 08
best response mean lot to me. I try to select besbest response to my discussions. but its not all that i could. i have lot more pending. i feel good when i get some
@mvsrao (4367)
• India
11 Nov 08
I agree to the valid points discussed by you ; I also try to select a best response for my started discussions / topics . However I do not start many , BUT I do have unresolved discussions in pending . if I respond to others discussions / topics then also I am interested in knowing which reply got the best response . But sometimes it is difficult to find a best response as there is no direct link available to the best response at topics