if you could control the world for 1day,which of these will do?

@clarkmy (428)
November 11, 2008 4:19am CST
hey there friends if you have a power can control the whole world ,then which things will do ? here are some items you can choose. world peace for 1day free money to everyone for 1 day all place that needed to pay to enter will be free for 1day control everybody like slaves to serve will be free 1day do lots of crimes without geeting caought withthe law for 1 day call at the male or famale to be your wife or husband for 1 day give out all your family assets to everybody in the world for 1 day buld futuristic stuff with everybody money for 1 day which will you choose ,or other thinking you can write here ,,,that is a free talking ,,,,,let's share ,,,
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@goldeneagle (6775)
• United States
12 Nov 08
Well I would have to say that I would be a little selfish on this one. With as much financial difficulty as my wife and I endure from week to week, I would definitely accrue enough money, through donations from people who have more money than they need (such as Bill Gates), so that me and my wife would never have to worry about money again. I would also get enough money for my dad and my sister never to have to work again either. I would probably do the same for a couple of my other friends and relatives.
• Spain
12 Nov 08
I think it would be World Peace. Along with an everybody being well day. This would involve even those who are very sick having one day being healthy again. Also a Make Children Happy Day, and a whole day where no animal is hurt or killed. http://sorchajack-dogs-dontwejustlovethem.blogspot.com/ www.psychicpaws.com