What is the weirdest thing you've ever eaten before???

@LifeGuru (923)
November 11, 2008 7:48pm CST
I'm just curious of what sorts of weird food are out there, because some food combos might sound gross but are really surprisingly good. Have you eaten something that looked REALLY WEIRD but tasted either good or not so good? Mine would be... My brother's food concaution for anything. It looks completely weird, but it's actually pretty good! I thought it would be completely disgusting! But it was good!
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• China
12 Nov 08
There are many different kinds of dishes in China. People in north China like eating noodles People in south China like eating rice People in middle China like spicy food People in esat and south China like sweet food So many different dishes, some are with weird names, some seems not delicious, but actually they are very tasteful and delicious.
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• United States
12 Nov 08
there have been soem realy weird and nasty lookin foods i have tried..lol.and many i just am plain too dang scared to lol.that mesh Kentucky Fried Chicken makes..with mashed potatoes.corn..gravy and i cant remeber what else..looked soooo nasty i thought i was gonna puke by the looks lol! but it was pretty good..i have had cooked sushi..which still confuses me..cause sushi is supposed to be raw..lol..but it was reallyy good no less! especialy with that spicy orange stuff u put on it lol...deer heart...omg..it has to be done a certain way..(mainly my dads lol) ohhh sooooo goooood...but when i saw it..i just wanted to run away.lol..those are just a few.i cant think of anymore right now..have a good one!