Why people should marry or make BF OR GF?

November 12, 2008 4:20am CST
Nowadays,there are some people who do not marry in their lives.whatdoyouthink of that thing? Do you ever think why people get married or make bf or gf. It seems that people become the product of biology,and the world tells us you should marry. Maybe it is because the age or someone hate the lonely feeling,or other reasons,,, Would you show your opiniows to this topic. I appreciate your stopping by for read mylot,Please leave your view to me if possible .Thank you.Have a nice day to you ,friend.
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• Philippines
12 Nov 08
i think people marry because of love, companionship, and the desire to have a family, and certainly not because of biology. marrying because you think you have to is something i find hilarious. it's kinda weird when you decide to get married because you want to think that as a biological creature, you should be able to perform the functions of being one particularly procreating. i think that's wrong. we should choose to marry and have a family because we love companionship and we want to experience the essence of loving.
• China
18 Nov 08
I appreciate it that you let me know much.I agree with you that love is the key to marrige .This is a perfect respond .Thank you very much.
• Australia
13 Nov 08
For example, just because someone is getting older as he or she's gonna turn 29ish or 30ish doesn't mean that he/she should marry soon. They won't marry for wrong reasons, no matter how fast the time is. Others get married by force, by agreement, by convenience or if the woman gets pregnant. A true marriage means a couple would tie a knot with each other if their love for each other is seriously unconditional, sincere and deep. As for being committed to someone intimate, one starts to get interested with his significant other, and if the girl likes him back, they are officially an item. Love nourishes between the two, and upon the hardships of time, they have to test themselves whether they are really meant for each other, when jealousy, selfishness and insensitiveness attacks between the two. If their relationship lasted long and they really enjoyed each other's company, a guy would plan to propose to his girl. It's up to them whether they want a long or short engagement before getting married.
12 Nov 08
People marry (or don't) for a million reasons. One of my brothers was a person who said he would never get married except (a) to have children (for the stability of a family home) or (b) for tax reasons! However, one day he met someone and it was love at first sight for them both - a really romantic story which I won't go into here - and now... well, he's married! Personally, I will marry my girlfriend because she is my love, my best friend, my soul-mate, the smartest woman I have ever met and because she makes me smile every day. I couldn't ask for more than that!
@jackiew (915)
• Canada
12 Nov 08
I have been with my partner for 18 years now and we are not married.This works for us and i have no desire for marriage.
• India
12 Nov 08
Its pretty simple ,The main work of human in this earth is to survive and produce offspring ,that's it .............
• India
12 Nov 08
Hey ! We people have different way of perception to things . Living together or not marrying which we see quite in these days depends on what you want out of your life . Its no harm in both . We are here on earth to be happy enjoy life which we got ....so doesn't really matter how they live as they are with themselves.