Has this ever happened to you ?

@ronnyb (6119)
November 13, 2008 6:57am CST
You have just finished writing a master piece discussion.You spent hours on it ,its a topic you are passionate about and you plan on reading all the responses .You copy it in word and checked it over and over just get it right.You are finally ready to post ,just on last precaution you read it over again and hit the preview button instead so you can modify it at last minute if necessary. Then you hit the submit button and da*n you realized you never checked the heading so the first thing people see on your masterpiece discussion is a big fat error .So much for being meticulous. lol EVER HAPPENED TO YOU ?
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13 Nov 08
Personally, I think that anyone who's stupid enough to spend hours writing a discussion they're going to get a few cents for deserves whatever happens. I hope you were kidding about that part. But I think everybody turns out a booboo now and then, even when they're trying their best to make sure spelling and everything else is just right. The trouble with spell checkers is that if the word is spelled correctly, it doesn't matter if it's the wrong word; it will pass. That's when it does get embarrassing.