Do you belive in horoscope ?

@geojb90 (471)
November 13, 2008 2:00pm CST
My mother always tells me what the horoscope says...that means that she kinda believes in it. My zodiac is Libra and this morning my mother told me that I will have luck at work / school from what she red in the horoscope, but I didn't gave importance to much. When I went to school I had a test paper at marketing ... then I remembered what my mother told me. It was an easy 30 minutes test paper and I think I handled it pretty good. I'll see the results next week because we only have 1 hour of marketing a week. Do you believe in horoscope or did it ever happen a coincidence like mine ?
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6 Aug 11
I personally find them amusing to read. But you could read every single one of them and at the end of the day find some way of linking them in. They are very clever in that you can read between the lines and make them fit your lives lol.
@owstalaga (4561)
• Philippines
30 Nov 08
Well i think horoscopes are general predictions. It may or may not come true... It can also depend on your beliefs... =) anyway generally i think horoscopes aren't really a big help when wanting to know what to do... I wrote an online article about it if people are interested to know. =) You can read it at the link below.