How is the corruption in your place?

November 13, 2008 2:54pm CST
My place is famous for it as at every level you will get corruption,cheat,source and partiality with people in what so ever field it is...employment,case or sports. Government are giving employment to those people who are not at all capable of doing it...for eg.They are providing teachers job to those who even dont know how to write anything in english and they are made the english teachers,What will they teach to the children? then thequestion arrises is how did they got the job?so,the answer is firstly money power and secondly source of an important person. This is just a single example,there are many more inthe list. So,what do you think is it right in any respect?have you experienced such situations in your life.If yes,share some of them with us.
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• India
28 Dec 08
Corruption is widespread in my state too. I just don't think it's right to be corrupt. It destroys people's lives and societies. By the way, which state are you from?
@rb200406 (1825)
• India
14 Nov 08
Yes my country is also corrupt & those who have money can have everything .Well it pains to see such state but what can be done.If we don't bribe our work dont get done especially in government areas.