Are you with chacha?

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November 13, 2008 7:41pm CST
I don't know about you but with me I am an expediter and I am only making 3 measly cents a question. when I first started I was getting about 100-150 Questions to expedite an hour now I am lucky if I get 10 an hour. Let me know I am just getting a wee bit more frustrated every day.
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@maezee (34545)
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22 Jun 10
Maybe it's the time you're going online. Have you ever considered that? I'm generalist/specialist and I don't seem to have much problem having questions to answer - only during what I would consider "guide rush-hour", which seems to be like 2 PM. I find that there are A LOT of unanswered questions for example in the morning (7 AM - 10 AM) on weekdays, and UBER LATE on the weekends (drunk kids partying and thinking it's funny to text ChaCha, I would guess). LOL. Perhaps it's the time you're going on that there are too many expediter's online. Who knows!
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16 Nov 08
I think with some of the changes they have been doing, something in the system went a little haywire. I couldn't imagine dealing with all that programming stuff to find out what's wrong. Hopefully things will pick up for you (and all of us!)