In Solidarity for all MyLotters whose country does not support Paypal

@jmp_72 (246)
November 14, 2008 12:31pm CST
I am an international member and like a lot of you mylotters will not be receiving payment since my country is not listed on the list of supported Paypal countries. So just as a solidarity for all of us affected i start this discussion as a support for each other. Let's not be discouraged, let's continue mylotting with the same passion and enthusiam. For sure MyLot staff will come up with a solution for us.
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@amoyube1980 (2233)
• Somalia
9 Apr 09
It's too bad that you won't be getting paid. However I commend your attitude, still mylotting without the assurance of getting paid. But we can always wish to hope, who knows maybe tommorow will be a brighter mylotting day for all those who live in countries not covered by paypal. It's really sad that until now restrictions like this still happen.
• Philippines
28 Feb 09
Hey there! That's too bad. What country are you from? Well if you can't really withdraw your earnings you can donate it. It's a good thing that you remain optimistic about mylotting. Just keep on participating who knows mylot could come up with a solution for mylotters like you. Have a nice day!
@CJay77 (4441)
• Australia
15 Nov 08
I'm with you jmp_72, I am also in a country that doesn't support PayPal, but I'm hoping that I will have an option in the near future. I will continue have fun here on mylot and just let my earnings build up. I like this site very much and made some good friends as well. Thanks!
• Philippines
15 Nov 08
Hi there! It's sad that myLot won't accept Moneybookers anymore. I am sure that a lot of the members here who are depending on Moneybookers would really be sad about it. Most of them live in countries that PayPal does not recognize. I hope that myLot will be able to look for a solution to this problem. I remember when I was just starting with myLot, a lot of members were sad that myLot won't accept E-Gold anymore then later offered Moneybookers as an alternative. Hopefully, they can find a replacement for Moneybookers for the sake of those who can't use PayPal.
@5mayday (1054)
• Norway
14 Nov 08
aww.. thats really sad... but I do think mylot will find another way to pay international memebr that paypal are not paying for now. They will probably have more options soon so they can keep their members XD
@owlwings (39218)
• Cambridge, England
14 Nov 08
I am sorry for all those who suddenly find themselves unpayable. It's not (of course) MyLot's fault. I am sure that MyLot will, in fact, be very supportive and will keep your money safe until they find a suitable alternative. Even if you can't, for the moment, cash out, do hang in there and keep posting. MyLot is, after all, about much more than $$$!