Do you have anyone in your life that does nothing but moan.

@suzzy3 (8357)
November 16, 2008 10:59am CST
I used to but I have done a bit of life laundry or what ever they call it.I only have people around me that cheer me up now. I help with any problems my friends have and they help me .On the whole whenever I meet up with them it is a laugh a minute and we ehjoy walks , chats, coffee, lunch and enjoy oursevles and my well being has got a lot better how do you cope have you had friends that do nothing but drag you down ?
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@sajanjiv (11)
• India
16 Nov 08 girl
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• United States
17 Nov 08
Yes, I know someone like that. Moaning and complaining every single day. He tried to be my boyfriend a few years ago but it did not work out with us. I try to think positive and he is always negative. Now, he is just a sometimes friend of the family because he does the same type of work that my brother does. But, as for a relationship, no way, I don't want to spend my life with someone that complains every day. I want someone to make me feel better not worse about myself.
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