Anger management

@poona_m (336)
November 16, 2008 12:12pm CST
How do you control your anger? Are you a short tempered person and if you are what do you do to calm yourself in a situation where it is important to control your anger. My husband is a short tempered person and I advise him to count 100 to 1 (backward counting) to take him mind off the issue which angers him. It works but most often he forgets that he has to count. But with practice he has improved a lot. Do share your experiences.
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@rainmark (4306)
16 Nov 08
When i feel i stop talking and shouting and keep myself quite for few minutes and take a deep breathe and i listen to music while having a walk alone until i make calm. Happy posting.
@ronaldinu (12440)
• Malta
16 Nov 08
I have to practise counting to ten myself. Usually I go for a walk on my own when I am angry.
• New Zealand
16 Nov 08
Her are some anger management tip sthat I some times use:- *Doing some physical activity which can provide an outlet for you emotions. eg. going for a walk or a run, swiming lifting weight etc. * Find ways to calm and soothe your hubby. Pratice deep breathing exericises, visualize a releaxing scene or repeat a calming work or pharse. eg. take it easy or calm down. * you can listen to music, paint, do yoga, journal or my personal fav gardeing. * you are going to talk to someone thn write a script and rehearse it so that way you can stick to the issue. *Use humer to release tensions. * pratice relaxation skills. Learning skill or releax and de stresscan also help contro; temperwhen it may flare up.