Obama vs India

November 17, 2008 11:03am CST
Hi.we all know that d main ethic f Obama is 2 stop outsourcing.In this basic he got lotz f votes n choosen as a 1st black president f Usa.if Obama sudenlly stoppd outsourcing then its make a big impact on India.Our all Bpo's n call centres jobs wil end in a second.Indian's IT sector n Economy also cn demolish 4 this kind f action.But still we r supporting Obama whole heartedly.But why??????????wat d impact he put on us??????or we r supporting Obama bcos we also wnt some change like all americans??????????
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@poona_m (336)
• India
18 Nov 08
You really think Obama can afford to stop outsourcing now? I don't think so. Under the current recession that the USA is facing it would be highly impossible for the companies to stop their outsourced work here in India, China or Philippines and start the same work again in USA. The reason being it would be big financial burden to move the work and also the running cost would be even higher as the minimum wages to be given in USA is much higher than what we get offered here in India or China. He might have thought of plans to do that but those plans were made before the recession came in. Now that the recession is here he will have to rethink his strategy and make changes in his plan. I am sure he is a smart man and would know what priorities should be given to various promises he made. But yes once the economy gets back on its feet then maybe we should start worrying about the outsourced jobs.
• India
17 Nov 08
I think there will be a big impact on India.But we have nothing to do.That's why we are supporting Obama.You can say this is oiling Obama....What do you think???????????????