Sell Your Virginity

@Faye12 (67)
United States
November 17, 2008 4:05pm CST
As I was sitting on the couch proofreading some of my writing work I had the tv on for some background noise. I don't normally watch day time tv, but after seeing this I might have to start watching a bit more often. On one of the shows that was on today, there was a 22 year old girl who is auctioning off her virginity. She is going to do the deed at the bunny ranch in nevada so as to make it legal. She is saying that she is not only doing it for the money, but also to help empower women. She says women should have the right to make any choice they want concerning thier bodies. I have been pondering this little story for a few hours and I can't decide weather to congradulate her or to think she is appalling. What are your thoughts? Is this gross, an injustice, or is it totally hot? I am just curious as to what people think about all this.
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@raven66 (335)
• Canada
4 Dec 08
I feel its a very real "SIGN of the TIMES"..where the more ridiculous and strange your idea the more POPULAR it becomes when the media takes a hold! Its her body!.. its her decision!.. whatever anyone has to say about it.. Its all up to the individuals involved.. I guess some people just dont have much respect for themselves or others anymore.
• China
15 Feb 09
I am couldn't agree more with you,people these day just simply getting way too judgemental.
• China
15 Feb 09
I think an individual should had the right to make decision for them,so what she's want to sell her virginity,you have to admit,it doesn't come around pretty often these day,if you have to lose it to some random kid in the back of a car,why don't trade it with someone who can benefit you.
@celticeagle (119157)
• Boise, Idaho
4 Dec 08
And women should. If I had only realized when I was younger I could of been a thousandaire by now. Haha!? I think she is right but she could have chosen a more positive way to make her point. It could only happen in America.