Carrie Ann watching for the Lifts!

United States
November 17, 2008 10:18pm CST
I just got done watching Brook and Derek Dance either the jive or the swing and I noticed that they did a lift where Derek was holding Brook from under her armpits and swinging her around his body. (not sure If I described this well, hope so) anyways I'm thinking, Brooks feet are leaving the ground, don't they realize that Carrie Ann is going to give them a negative mark for that move? And then sure enough during the judges critique Carrie Ann complained about them doing the lift. I don't understand them doing this sort of move knowing that Carrie Ann is going to read them the riot act! I mean, these guys want a 10 score, right??
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@patgalca (14557)
• Orangeville, Ontario
18 Nov 08
I fell asleep around 7pm tonight and missed the first dance - Brooke and Derek. So I didn't see this but I am really sick of this lift thing. First, though, when the woman is the professional she makes sure her feet touch the floor. It is the female celebrities who can't seem to manage this when they are being swung around. Now the next set of dances almost all of them had lifts and Carrie Ann mentioned it but said the dance warranted it. I really don't think it's fair. Last year, half way through they said they were going to allow lifts. Now they are back playing, as Carrie Ann referred to herself, the lift police. Give it up! All I can do is guess that certain lifts are now allowed for particular dances. Someone had said that it was a safety issue because these are not professionals but that doesn't seem to be the case when it comes to the jitterbug and jive. In fact they were told they could do all the lifts they want when it comes to the freestyle in the finals. Okay, that was a ramble... thinking out loud sort of. In conclusion I go back to my first paragraph... it is the non-professional women who can't keep their feet touching the ground, and I guess it is just particular dances that have strict rules about no lifts.