Is it possible?

United States
November 18, 2008 3:51am CST
Can anyone out there tell me how on earth are we supposed to be makeing money on this site? I don't know what to do, look at, respond to. create, talk about.... so, what's the deal. Someone clue me in, please.... Peace, PeacockFeathers
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@sirrob (4112)
• Philippines
18 Nov 08
We are being paid based on our participation here like when you respond to other member's discussion, when members respond in your discussion/s, when you add photos in your discussion and in your response (this feature is only available when you have 500 posts already) and you also earn 25% of the participation of your referrals. Make quality posts every time you write a response or discussion so you could maximize your earning potential and if you can stretch those response with at least 5 lines but of course the longer it is the better it would be. Avoid making violations as well and avoid posting or responding to discussions who violates the rules and guidelines here. Read them thoroughly so you won't get infractions from your earnings. Good luck.!
@owlwings (40054)
• Cambridge, England
18 Nov 08
MyLot pays for your activity on the site. Creating discussions, responding to others' discussions and uploading photos all earn you money. It is not, however, primarily a money-spinner. MyLot is a discussion site and there are Guidelines which you should read about what makes a valid discussion It is important to make 'quality' posts and to be as descriptive as possible. It is the posts that follow the guidelines and have something useful to discuss and to add to discussions that pay best. There is no set amount per post - MyLot have a very sophisticated (and proprietary) way of checking whether your posts reach the 'quality' standard. The other way you can make money is by referring other people to MyLot. You will be paid 25% of the amount that your referrals earn. Most of the questions that newcomers regularly ask are answered in the FAQ section. There are links to the Terms and Conditions, the FAQs and the Guidelines at the bottom of every page. Happy MyLotting!