I feel like I'll never get to 500 post

United States
November 18, 2008 6:09pm CST
I have some good stuff for you mylotters and mylotettes, but I can't copy and paste until I get to 500 posts. Trust me, I won't be typing all that stuff out. Well maybe I will one rainy day, but until then..
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@jason1308 (1587)
• France
23 Nov 08
I am trying to do the same, and finally it seems that the magic 500 posts is within sight. I am not sure how often I will use the copy and Paste function, probably not as much as I think, but at least I will have the option to do so, and that is what matters. My best advice is to try and have a goal of taking part in say 20 discussions a day, then you will get to your 500 in a months time. It is possible, just think positive and get typing.
• United States
19 Nov 08
If all that "good stuff" isn't yours, you might just as well forget about it. I hope that's not what you have in mind. The right to copy and paste isn't meant to be permission to plagiarize. I'm not accusing you, just letting you know, since a lot of newcomers don't bother to read the FAQ and other information at the bottom of the Mylot pages.
@zalilame (880)
• Malaysia
19 Nov 08
Trust me you will. I am a newbie and I am already reaching my 300th posts. I am trying to get my 500th by the end of the week. Start posting good discussions and posting high quality response, your 500th will come in no time. Happy mylotting to you.
@Shar1979 (2723)
• United States
19 Nov 08
Do not feel down. You're just new here. I hope you'd still consider staying here. It aint that bad at all. People here are nice and friendly.
@jithinsb (520)
• India
19 Nov 08
Hello friend I have been on this mission for so long and atlast i think its somewhat near.. dont know when i will reach there.. The only thing is that we have to be regular to mylot.For so long i cant regularly visit mylot due to work pressure in my office.I think its high time for me to come back and become active in mylot.
@jessi0887 (2794)
• United States
19 Nov 08
I am on the same mission as you. I have been on here off and on today posting numerous topics and responding to diffent post. I hope to reach 500 faster than usual, but I can give you some advice if you request me as a friend and I will message you some advice,but i don't want to be to open with my opinions.