Are you content with your face as it looks?

@srganesh (6349)
November 19, 2008 1:02am CST
Yesterday I happened to see a news about a chinese girl,who underwent plastic surgery.She was hated by her husband for how her face looked and was divorced.So ,she changed her face through plastic surgery and also learned how to do and she is now practising .I really wonder,one has to go so far!I am really content of my face and I am the nicelooking one compared to anybody.You should have this feel.What about you?Will you undergo plastic surgery,given a,no problem?
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• China
19 Nov 08
since her husband hated her face,why he marryed her? i think this is only the excuse of the divorce.the real reason is he on longer love her. the plastic surgery can't change the qirl's confidence.however,any operation is dangeroue to our health. the only thing the girl should do is to treat herself well and look for the one who really love her.
• China
4 Dec 08
thanks for you to choose my response as the best one.
@underdogtoo (9599)
• Philippines
19 Nov 08
Everyone is entitled to his own decision and I am quite content with my looks. My problem is in how I think. Sometimes I think stupid thoughts. Fortunately, I can change my mind quite easily. Cheers!!
@psalmist (109)
• Philippines
19 Nov 08
for me, we should be contented with what God has given us. beauty is only skin deep.. we are all beautiful in the sight of the lord..because we are created in his image.
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@annierose (17915)
• Philippines
19 Nov 08
I am so much thankful with my looks now.I have nothing to complain because it is God's gift to me. I respect what His will regarding on how will I look.I think the only thing that I will do with relation to how I look is to take good care of it. Enhance it but never undergo to a plastic surgery.We can enhance our looks by taking care of our health and having a positive outlook in life.
@zalilame (880)
• Malaysia
20 Nov 08
I am happy with looks now. The only thing I need to do is to shed some fat off me out of health reasons. I don't want to be diabetic later. I still have a long way to go.
@bamakelly (5194)
• United States
19 Nov 08
There seems to be a lot of people who undergo the knife just to look better and to change their quality of life. Maybe it works for some. I don't have the money or I might consider doing some minor things to help me feel better about myself. I don't think I would undergo plastic surgery of the face. I think this is too extreme. I really don't think a person really looks the same ever again. I don't know if it is always a safe practice either. There have been terrible stories of these surgeries going wrong. If I did have money and it was not a problem I do think I would get surgery performed on some spider veins I have on my legs which I find unsightly. Of course my husband says they are not bad and I look fine.