I started to feel my baby movement more obviously and frequently

@kaka135 (14141)
November 19, 2008 1:59am CST
Some of my friends started to feel the baby movement when they were 4 month pregnant. I started to feel my baby movement when I was about 5 month pregnant. I'm 6 and a half month pregnant now, and these few days I can feel my baby movement more obviously and frequently. Though sometimes it makes my stomach like bloated and not so comfortable, the feeling is really great, as I can feel my baby is moving inside my body. Does baby movement mean anything? Is it the baby wants to eat, wants to listen to stories, wants to interact with the mother? Or is it just simply the baby is moving?
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@alyssa_c (440)
• Philippines
19 Nov 08
hey there, kaka! I'm also 6 months and 1 week pregnant and I could also feel my baby kicking around a lot inside my tummy. It's really cute amd sometimes I feel ticklish whenver the baby does it =) I'm sooo excited to being a mommy and all her kicking and moving around is making me even more eager to see my baby in the near future =) I have read that at about 7 months the mommy should be reading or singing to her baby as the baby has already developed her sense of hearing. I'm not really sure though on what the baby wants whenever she moves. Maybe she just likes to make herself acknowledged =) COngratulations to both of us! My baby's actually kicking around right now as I am writing this lol
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@kaka135 (14141)
• Malaysia
20 Dec 08
Congratulations to you too! I've started to read stories and sing songs to my baby when it's even less than 3 month old.
• Philippines
18 Jan 09
I can feel that you are excite with the baby that you are carrying now and that is what we call the joys of motherhood feeling the baby growing inside you where the baby is attached to you and you are the source of strength and life of that baby. I just pray that I will have my baby soon so that i can taste the joys of motherhood and rearing a fetus inside my body. congratulations with you and your husband.
• Singapore
18 Jan 09
waw baby kicks is just cool and i m experiencing it too. now into my 6th month. well i started getting the kicks from the 18th week. it was really gr8 and amazing. now i have my girl moving everytime and really active. well i m sure it is good to knw tht they are active and moving. so there is nothing to worry. well communicating with the baby is all in ur hands. u shud i m sure do that.
@jha2x_09 (74)
• Philippines
19 Dec 08
if the baby is moving,meaning he/she's active and normal in condition..
@kezabelle (2985)
22 Nov 08
I dont think the movements mean anything as such I mean they get all the food required 24 hours a day through the uimbilical cord. But I know with both mine they were kick if I talked or played music to them they can hear us from the inside so I would imagine its all good for them.