Do you believe long distance realtionships can work ?

@ronnyb (6119)
November 20, 2008 4:55am CST
How long do you think you can be away from your partner and reamin remain faithful?.If you were away from your partner for long ,is that an excuse to cheat?Should you jus forget about the relationship and move on?
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@n30wing (4768)
• Philippines
21 Nov 08
Well I'll stay faithful until I know that my love for her is with me, even near or far. I just don't wanna be unfair. Well if I am having doubts with what I feel I'll tell her. So if we can work it out. If not well I'll just let go then cheating him and the reason of splitting up is me. If I'll split with her, I think without a 3rd party around.But I think your just lonely if you feel this way. Think first even a thousand times. But if youcan't avoid temptations well let go and move on. Anyway we make our own choices, and make our own life! Have a nice day to you!
@maximax8 (29148)
• United Kingdom
20 Nov 08
Long distance relationships can work but in time one of the couple will move to be with the other one. When I was traveling around the world I met a lovely Australian man and began dating him. When my working holiday visa ended I flew on to Asia. My boyfriend came to see me in England. He proposed and we got married. Next our baby son was born. My husband had lived sub-tropical Queensland where the weather is hot and he had traveled to different countries. He hated the cold climate in England and even in June he thought it was chilly. He missed his friends and family. We began to get on badly and we ended up getting divorced. If one of the people in the long distance relationship doesn't move things might be difficult. I met a lovely man on coastal walk and we arranged to meet again to do the walk from Dover to Deal. I lived in Kent and he lived in Lancashire. We met up every fortnight and whilst that was great in the summer it began to get challenging in the winter. The expense of the train fares were horrendous. It was so sad to split up but he wasn't going to move because he had a business and I had a child in school. If we had lived near each other our relationship would have lasted I am sure. A long distance relationship can be tough and trust is essential.
@nimnim74 (251)
• Philippines
20 Nov 08
It happened to us with my husband, when we we're still in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship we were separated for straight three years without going home because he work in another country, we remain faithful with each other and when he went home we got married now the second time we we're separated I am the one who work abroad and he was left home the second time is difficult because we got used of living life already together then I did not finish my contract and went home.
• India
20 Nov 08
Yes, they can sure work out eventually ifboth the partners work towards achiving that goal hands in hands together. For example, their may be a wide range of causes for the relatioship to become a long disance one, viz. The partners may be studying separately, either individually orfor the sake of good schooling of the kids A joint family system thatordains one ofthe partner to stay back in the ancestral home aftermarriage whilethe othr goes to seek the newer job opportunities. Whatever be the cause, one should always remember thattrust and loyalty ingrained are the ultlmae principles ingrained in us, which we should cherish and stand for in face of anytemptation.
@laydee (12813)
• Philippines
20 Nov 08
Most people are not built for long-distance relationships, other can well adjust to them. But all of us would like to see the end of the rainbow or the tunnel. Meaning, if the long distance affair has a time-frame we could measure, like for the next 5years or 3years or so, then it is more likely that the relationship could work. But if it's on the vague side like 'for some time' or 'soon' or 'a few years or so' then that would create friction, because like any human being, we need the assurance that the sacrifices made today is for the greater good or for something that would soon give us what we yearn for now. Another factor affecting the effect of the long distance relationship would be the degree of commitment of the couple. If they could honestly say they can do it, and they motivate each other then perhaps they could go pass the distance, but if they are too emotional and are forced to be in the situation, then maybe they won't make it. Unlike the yesteryears when the only means of communication would be month-old mails (for those with long distance relationships in other countries) or week-old (for those within the country) it's much easier these days with the event of modernization like telephones, mobiles, and most especially the internet. It would somehow work better now than before. But unlike the yesteryears when people are more or less 'loyal' and thoughts of cheating (though existing) isn't common, then perhaps it's quite difficult now that it's not only man who do the courtship but the women as well. But I'd still say it is possible. Provided that there's no over-assumption nor over-expectation on each side. These over emotional states create lots of stress on both the person involved, thus making the distance farther. They must be composed enough and trusting enough that regardless the trials, they could make it. And must think that if it doesn't work, they won't die. There's no better way to make relationships more difficult than by nagging your partner because of lesser time to talk and different time zones. No one likes to be fought with most especially if you miss the person. So, there you go. I think it's possible. It isn't as difficult as before, but there would still be sacrifice and you'd got through missing someone so much. But it's possible. And also, before I forget. It is possible if you fell in love with someone whom you already met in the first place. Why? finding someone online is the single most usual scam there is in the world of technology. You can't trust someone who can't even make way to meet you first before saying they love you. Stop wasting your time on accepting these scraps of love they offer easily. Good luck! For your health concerns, go to