Book vs. Ebook vs. Audiobook

@JannaLee (660)
November 20, 2008 2:41pm CST
Traditionally, we have the book as a source of entertainment. Due to the vast modernization...books or shall we say stories transformed and metamophosized into another form...Ebooks and Audiobooks I mean...They are also convenient for you can carry them around anytime you want. It's not as bulky as the books and you can carry several stories at one time. Audiobooks would also save you from straining your eyes, but of course it shall bother your ears for quite sometime. Above all the advantages of the modern form of the books, I'd say I still prefer the traditional one. I mean it may be bulky but it doesn't strain my eyes the way Ebooks do and it makes me dream unlike audiobooks...^^ How about you? Which would you prefer?
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@LeavaoDe (350)
• United States
2 Jul 09
Hi. I love a traditional book. I don't mind carrying it around, etc. I don't do ebooks at all. I have recently found that I do love an audiobook in certain situations like while I'm driving or when I have a slight migraine. Overall I'll take the hardcopy of a book but can deal with an audiobook. Happy myLotting!!!
@cripfemme (7715)
• United States
25 Feb 09
I like either books or audio books. Ebooks don't do anything for me. If I really want to be told a story like I was a little kid again which is sometimes enjoyable especially with Harry Potter, I will listen to an audio book. If I want to take a book somewhere with me, I will more likely choose a traditional book formats.
• Philippines
4 Dec 08
For me nothings beats the pleasure of reading a traditional book. It feels different to flip every little page rather than to scroll down. But it actually depends on the person. If you can find time to read a traditional book, then good for you! But there are people on the go who squeeze in their "reading" time in between tasks, so ebooks and audiobooks are the best way for them to get in touch with their literary side. :-)
@wayz12 (2059)
• United States
20 Nov 08
I'm a reader, so I'll take my reading material in any format I can, whether its a book, an audiobook or an e-book. Although, if I have to rate them by choice, I would prefer the paper copy. There is just something tangible about a book, and the feeling of turning pages. I love the smell of new books, thats why hanging out of bookstores is something I like to do. Although I haven't done much of that lately, because I end up spending far too much money. Audiobooks is my second choice. I get to rest my eyes, and simply listen. Great for commuting or when doing some other chores, and still get some catching up with my "reading" list. Ebooks are last, but if thats the only way I can get hold of a book, i'll take it. The good part about it is I can enlarge the text and that helps my poor eyesight. So yes, books in any form, I'll read them.
@pitulica (56)
• Romania
20 Nov 08
I`ll never give up on books. I like reading books on the pc but i`ll always love to read books. Exactly for the reasons u said. I thing that is nothing more relaxing than spending time in nature, reading a good book.But reading in front of ur pc, u get tired, all ur bones hurts u and ur comment. And about audio books...these are good only like storys when u go to sleep. They make u feel like u are a little child and parent read u stories.