United States
November 21, 2008 7:58pm CST
Who here rents movies through Redbox? I think it's great! I wish they had a little bit more to choose from, but at a dollar a night, I'm not at much liberty to complain. I was using Netflix, but it seems that the convenience of getting movies right when you want them is much better than waiting 2-3 days to receive a movie. Also, with Netflix, I was always keeping movies for a long time because I didn't have to worry about late fees. For those of you who don't know redbox is a company that uses computerized movie-renting vending machines in grocery stores. They charge a buck a night plus tax. You need to pay with a credit card, and they will charge you the full amount after the movie is returned. If you don't return it within 30 days, they charge you 30 dollars and you get to keep the movie.
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