im a new guy here

November 22, 2008 5:36am CST
im here in the philippines??how do i sign up an paypal account??i have banco de oro international cash card??pls teach me how..
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@julyteen (13259)
• Davao, Philippines
27 Nov 08
Paypal now include Philippines to be covered on their service. The opportunity granted last January 2008 so we are now lucky because we can make money only with no hassle using paypal. I already withdrawn my earnings from paypal to my EON debit card issued by Unionbank of th Philippines. So start earning now and see you on your payout buddy. Good luck.
• Philippines
27 Nov 08
thank you so much for the information
@owlwings (39405)
• Cambridge, England
22 Nov 08
A list of the countries where PayPal is applicable is here: Unfortunately for you, the Philippines is not among them.
@jlamela (4909)
• Philippines
25 Nov 08
I am also from the Philippines but my account in paypal is active. I already received payments from my online freelance writing job through paypal which I withdraw in my bank accounts I linked to paypal. It's been 3 months that my account is active. I read the account guidelines here in mylot saying that as long as you are receiving income from online sidelines through paypal, even if your country is not included, then it is still valid to participate in mylot.
• Philippines
29 Nov 08
Hello arnosaj27! I'm glad to see another Filipino exploring ways to make money online. Paypal is one of the first and biggest payment processors that you will encounter. Getting a Paypal account is easy. You have to sign up for a FREE account over at the Paypal website. Once that you have that free account, you can start accumulating your earnings from various websites, including myLot. If you decide to withdraw funds out from Paypal, you need to verify your Paypal account. I heard from several people that they are able to verify it easily with their credit cards, but if you don't have one, then the only working alternative is to apply for a Unionbank EON card. Other ATM cards don't work with Paypal, I believe that includes your BDO international cash card. At most, you will be able to process your EON card and link it up with Paypal in a month. I had linked up mine in just 2 weeks. Good luck and happy earning!
• Philippines
23 Nov 08
Welcome to mylot and I hope you will enjoy each discussion here. As to paypal, go to and search if it's facility has a partnership with BDO. Just enjoy your stay here and make friends a lot.
@maroseqf (3657)
• Philippines
22 Nov 08
Just go to their website and sign-up for a free account. You can use your credit card to verify your account their. Most sites require a verified paypal account. I don't think cash card is accepted since it is not a bank account. You can open an EON account with Unionbank or open a bank account in any bank you prefer. Just make sure that all the details in your bank account is the same with your paypal account.