Did everyone got the mylot alert?

November 22, 2008 9:20pm CST
To day I went to my mylot account and saw that they told me that i can't use my moneybookers account anymore for my money transfer. What the hell. They said that I must make a paypal account, but paypal does not accept my country. What in gods name should I do now???????
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@anneshirley (1517)
• Philippines
23 Nov 08
I received the mylot alert almost a week ago and since then I've been reading discussion of fellow mylotters quitting mylot because paypal is not being offered in their country. In my opinion, why would you leave if you love it here? Yes, maybe paypal is not being offered in your country now but soon it will be because of its global expansion. Just keep on responding and your earnings will be accumulated here in your mylot account and when the paypal opens its door to your country, then that's the time when you will withdraw your money here. Hope I gave you a good advise.
@spalladino (17925)
• United States
23 Nov 08
I saw the alert and was surprised by it but I use Paypal so it didn't affect me. Contact Mylot directly...they may have a solution for you. I hope you get it worked out.
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• Malaysia
23 Nov 08
Hi skatemate,yes i received the alert from my lot but i am not sure that did other member received this alert of not.Don't be so angry about my lot.There are two ways for you.First,you can still write at my lot and wait until my lot use back moneybookers as a payment method.The second ways is you stop wasting time to write at my lot.Try other sites that can pay through moneybookers.
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@cindy2003 (196)
• Australia
23 Nov 08
NO, haven't received the mylot alert yet. Like in another discussion i was just in, i am sure that mylot is seriously concidering more options for payment as poeple like you and your country doesn't accept paypal and alot of people are leaving mylot because of this reason. I think mylot admin are just starting to realise this, and thinking about getting more payment options
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