Michael Jackson converted to Islam

@syfarisk (378)
November 23, 2008 1:31am CST
Have you heard of this story? I've heard a bit about it. Hope you can elaborate more through this discussion. You can also comment more on this shocking news.
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• United States
23 Nov 08
It's just another attempt for him to get his name in the news. He needs his name in the news to get some kind of money to pay off the fees and other money that is owed by him.
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• India
11 Dec 08
ya its true that michael jackson converted to islam i think its good for muslim now we have strong musician and also a strong singer which can not be beaten by enyeone and about micheal jackson i think he do rith think he is a good singer but i am happy that he do not concentrate only on music he know that what it right and what is wrong he trun his religin into islam is good for him i know he do right and he decide to go on right path may allah bless him and gave place him on paradise and i wish that all people over the world accept islam and be patient..
@jend80 (2068)
24 Nov 08
what's so shocking about somebody changing their religion - did you find it shocking that for a long time he was a Jehovah's Witness? anyway I thought he'd been connected to The Nation Of Islam (who aren't the same thing as Islam but a (pretty extreme iirc) Black Power group) but the members he'd been involved with had disowned him.
@vandhu (432)
• India
23 Nov 08
oh really? how did you come across this news? when? what is his new name?