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November 23, 2008 4:27am CST
Heroes or Just a Job?
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• India
23 Nov 08
Well, you don't have to be a hero just because you fight. A doctor who cures a sick person, a teacher who teaches difficult lessons, a mother who raises her kids can also be heroic. Being a soldier is just a job, but also heroic if your soldier protects your nation. Cheers and happy mylotting
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• United Kingdom
24 Nov 08
I like your thinking. I also believe that. Any job is "just a job" until you make it more and anybody can become a hero if they go "above and beyond". I think people make the mistake of thinking all soldiers are automatically heroes because of what they do but I don't think that. I am sure it is hard work but so are a lot of other jobs. Doing what you are told to do because you chose to do it doesn't automatically make someone a hero.
@iola2012 (172)
• Philippines
19 Aug 12
It depends on how the soldiers maintain their loyalty to their home country. There is no doubt if they fight for their country. But I've heard some of them gone bad, joining as a terrorist.
@p1kef1sh (45640)
23 Nov 08
Somewhere in between Pumpkin. The military is not "Just a job" it is a way of life and I believe an honourable one. The simple act of joining up doesn't make you a hero either. That takes circumstances mostly. However, the fact that you might pay the ultimate price takes a special type of person and whilst I doubt that the thought that they might die is uppermost in most service personnel's thoughts, it is always a possibility . Whilst I have strong feelings about the reasons why we are in some of the theatres that the military serve in, they have my respect and gratitude.
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