November 24, 2008 7:16am CST
what do you have to say about this type of relationship!!shoud the society give equal rights to homosexuals?
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@goldeneagle (6775)
• United States
24 Nov 08
The names SODOM and GOMORRAH come to mind...Catholics don't seem to mind homosexuality, or at least their priests seem to have no problem molesting little boys. Other than that, most other religions I can think of condemn homosexuality. Even the violence-prone muslims agree that homosexuality is wrong if I remember correctly. I am tired of hearing about the gays and the lesbians. If they don't like the fact that our country doesn't want to give them the right to marry, why don't they leave and go to another country. There are no walls holding them here, and flights and boats leave this country every day going to other far-away lands. Let them get on one and leave. I know some people are going to disagree with me on this, but that is OK. I don't mean to sound harsh, but they knew when they made the choice to be gay that gay marriages were not allowed, and that they were likely going to be discriminated against in other areas as well. This is why I get tired of hearing them b*tch and moan. They CHOSE to be gay. They shouldn't expect our society to change its beliefs or policies just to accommodate a lifestyle that we had already deemed as unacceptable. I am not sure if any other country in the world allows gay marriage or not. If not, then America surely shouldn't be the first or ONLY one who does. If there is another country that allows gay marriage, let the queers move there instead. Then we won't have to listen to them complain anymore...
@lmizzy (78)
• China
24 Nov 08
I think it is not a abnormal relationship,cause everyone has the right to love and be loved.So,no matter who you love and are loved,it is a freedom and nature.And I think we should not discriminate the gay or the lesbian,they are eaqual to us,and should receive the same rights like us.It is just their personl life.
@BBnCali (23)
• United States
24 Nov 08
yes i do... i don't know what the problem is. only people who seem to care, are people who want to have their beliefs pushed upon everyone else. how is that equal rights if your not giving my the right to choose a belief?? but then again i also don't think its right for churches to have to change their beliefs on gay marriage... i don't think ill ever see a resolution to this subject in my life time.. kinda sad