What do you look at first?

November 24, 2008 11:25am CST
Imagine you are walking home. It's early evening - not dark, but getting that way. the street's not very vusy, but cars pass every now and again. As you walk, a car pulls up and stops, just behind you. What do you look at first? The driver, to see if you know them? The passenger, to see if they want something? The car, to see if you recognise it? Or something else? I just had this happen and was surprised to find that I looked at the indicators, to see if the car wanted to pull into a driveway I was about to cross!
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• India
24 Nov 08
Well,,i'll take glimpse through the car,driver and the passenger.If there is any good looking girl,,den surely I'll ask her that she need any help..lolzz ;) ...
24 Nov 08
Ah, a man with priorities!! lol
• United States
16 Jul 11
I would look at the people first since I'm not good with cars.lol..