Mortification in Orchestra

@Pigglies (9339)
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November 24, 2008 10:11pm CST
For those of you who are in an orchestra or who've been in one, especially a university orchestra... can you remember being absolutely mortified before from a mistake? Today was our last rehearsal before the concert next week, and everyone showed up except for the viola section. Other than me that is. So I had no one to back me up. I was doing fairly well on all of the songs (I'm 2nd chair so I'm not too bad), but then we got to this one song that I never read the notes for. I usually just play along by ear because I can do so as long as the 1st chair guy is right on. The paper is bright white and the notes are so packed together it's just easier to play by ear. But today I had to actually read it and what a horrifying experience that was! I missed a beat a few measures into a huge long viola solo, and then the professor grabbed his cello eventually and had to play for me where we were and even then it took me about four or five measures to find my place! I was so embarrassed. That's the only part in the whole concert where the violas really have the important part. And I blew it. I sure hope the other violas show up for the concert or I'll be sweating like crazy! I'm definitely practicing that part more though.
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@albedo (55)
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10 Apr 09
The first time you make a mistake in a new group is always scary. But after making thousands and thousands of mistakes, without getting kicked out or fired, I don't mind anymore. I'm not perfect, so I don't care if I screw up. Nobody in the audience ever notices anyway. Just as long as you pretend like you know what you're doing. You can play anything and they won't notice. If I get lost I just make something up until I figure it out. Sometimes the Directors don't even notice.
@Pigglies (9339)
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11 Apr 09
Yeah, I notice that too that the audience doesn't even notice as long as you don't make the "omg I just totally messed up!" face. Unfortunately I had to drop out of orchestra because now it conflicts with my schedule again. But it was fun while it lasted.