Need advice about me and my girlfriend

November 25, 2008 6:54pm CST
Hi everyone: I need some advices from you. I have a good relationship with my girlfriend and we are going to marry with each other. But there is something wrong with she and my family. She always thinks that my parents treated her badly though the true situation is not but she insists that. We often quarelled for this recently. The original is she wants to engagement with me and ask for 9999 rmb which my fammily couldn't afford that. But she need that. I feel boring so who could help me solve this problem? Thank you very much!!!
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@sid556 (31005)
• United States
26 Nov 08
forgive my ignorance but what is 9999rmb? It sounds as if she is wanting to marry you for material reasons but I'm not sure if I am understanding you correctly. Why does she think your parents treat her badly? Give us some example of what she would consider poor treatment.
• China
26 Nov 08
Thank you for your attention. 9999 rmb is the money in China and it is nine thousand nine hundred and ninty-nine yuan(China money). She said it is the ceremoney in her place while not in my place. She likes clean and asked for a new bedclothes which is not necessary.
@yadav8797 (1211)
• India
27 Nov 08
hey friend, i am happy to respond on your discussion. i like to help you in this difficult situation. this type of situation you have taken every step carefully, otherwise there may be achance of your relationship should be broken.friend, oyu hav tried your girlfriend to with her politely and convince her that you are always with her in any type of situation,if your father is against you. what is rmb all about and why she need?? happy mylotting