Does parenting come by birth? Or is it acquired?

@sivanj (1263)
November 26, 2008 5:28am CST
Do you believe that the best parenting skills come to one by birth? Or is it that they acquire them better than others?
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@kun2349 (23475)
• Singapore
27 Nov 08
it has to be acquired skills.. That's why we do have bad parents whom always failed to teach their children the right ways of life.. They dun set the good example, and they dun show enough care, concern and love, even though they really dote on their child.. Like the saying goes, there are no unteachable children, but only parents whom dunno how to teach ^_^
@Sillychick (3279)
• United States
26 Nov 08
It would be nice to think that people have the instinct to know how to care for their children once they have them. But all you have to do is read a newspaper or watch the news once in a while to know that is not true. If it was a skill people naturally have, there wouldn't be so many people who hurt their children, abuse them, abandon them, forget them in the car, neglect them. It is a sad fact that many people who have children don't know the first thing about caring for them.
@stephcjh (32327)
• United States
26 Nov 08
Parenting skills are acquired skills. It doesn't come to a person naturally. We are good parents by learning.