Idiot enthusiasm

Idiotic entusiasm - Pagan symbology - snake, stag and pentacle.
November 27, 2008 6:32am CST
In my life I have followed a number of muses, and my nature is to become totally immersed in whatever I am doing. In the eraly 90s it was wicca, and in the late nineties till recently the kinky BDSM scene. Now I don't regret either of those two passions, but I got so immersed in each that I thought it would be with me for the rest of my life, and I thought it was a good idea at the time to celebrate that enthusiasm with a tatoo. Now again, I don't regret the tattoos, wouldn't ming getting some more, but the reason for getting them was a bit idiotic. I no longer practise wicca, I suppose I grew out of the need for even such an informal spirituality as that, although I still live the philosophy it embraces. And age and failing health have made my interest in kinky BDSM a fond memory, I simply don't have the energy any more. But I can't help wondering what the funeral director will make of my tattoos, and whether he'll be muttering to himself, "Tosser" as he prepares me for the fire. Lash
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• United States
29 Nov 08
Ah, grandpa - yet more reasons to like you! My one tattoo is the result of covering up an earlier idiocy - when I was 19, I decided to prove my fidelity to the love of my life (whom I'd known for all of three months) by tattooing his initial in a place that sometimes shows when I wear a skimpy enough shirt. I spent nearly thirty years explaining what the L was for before I decided a few years ago that 25+ years was long enough to pay for being a stupid 19 year old kid. Now I sport a lovely turquoise dragonfly there that completely covers the handmade "L" thanks to a tattoo artist who was skilled enough to incorporate the lines into his finished design. As far as caring what the undertaker thinks - bah! If he has anything to say, I've got kids who'll give him a healthy piece of what-for - they all think it's pretty darn cool that mom has a tat just like them.
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• Australia
30 Nov 08
I love butterflies, considering my life has been a butterfly existence. But they don't fit the macho image lol, so I've never had one. As for the undertaker, I couldn't really care less, I don't know what I was saying when I typed that. Lash
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