On Sunday Prayers in the church

@mookhor (304)
November 27, 2008 7:15am CST
Indians are said to be god-fearing and peace-loving people. They engage themselves in thousand and one religious rituals from birth to death. As they are idol-worshiper their engagement is necessary. The Indian preachers are found to be busy through the year. On the Christian community it is known that they do participate in the Sunday congregation in the church. Is it a must for them? And do all of them visit the church on each Sunday for prayer? If any one does not share the experience is he not looked down upon? I have sometime visited the church in my locality. It has appeared to me as a calm and quiet region.
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@riyasam (16574)
• India
28 Nov 08
i tru to visit church twice a week.it gives me some calm and peace in this chaotic life. happy myloyying.
27 Nov 08
Given that there are so many denominations of Christianity, that's a difficult question to answer! For example, Catholics can be divided into "practising Catholics" who go to church regularly and perform their rituals, and those who believe in the religion but don't necessarily go to Church every week. Baptists and Evangelists love to get together to worship and are generally very visible and outgoing, whereas (in my home town at least), Methodists are very quiet and less overt with their beliefs. As to whether people are looked down upon for not visibly practising their religion, I think that's much more a question of the community and other believers - I'm sure some communities will look down on people who aren't outgoing in their worship, whereas others look more at the person's actions in life more than where they spend their Sunday morning. I don't think a general rule can be applied to all areas and Churches.
• New Zealand
27 Nov 08
I usually don't visit church or don't offer prayers. Because I simply don't believe in Super natural powers and prayers. Like I said in an other post, if prayers are to be real, and if god response to the prayers, then obviously the physical laws should be fake. As far as I am as concerned, prayers are totally meaningless, If god is said to be omnipotence, then he would have already known that you will pray, and would have changed the world before you pray. Thus prayers would be meaningless and will only be to doubt the wisdom of almighty.