Terrorists attack in India again-War is still going on

November 27, 2008 9:00pm CST
Hi my friends.Its my kind request to all of mylot member to please read this seriously.Terrorist attack again India in its Business city Mumbai.This attack happened on 26 th november 2008 at night.Its the 2nd biggest terrorist attack in world history after WTC destroyed in USA.Its not a general topic what we generally discuss in mylot.Its an information abot the recent terrorist attack in India and as well as a pleading help to the entire world to help us in this serious condition from a small Indian.I am just 21 and a student.So i think my lot is the best media to raise my voice to the all people living at every corner of this world.Becase i really cant do any thing more than that. This terrorist attack happened such a way: 1. A gang of 10 terrorists came from Karachi(Pakistan) by a midsize boat.They mainly entered in Mumbai from Gujrat border with full of arms,Ak-47,bullets,Greneds and other ammunations. 2. After reaching Mumbai they separated into 3 groups.First grop of 3 terrorists reaches Victoria Terminal Railway station(World Herirage Station) with the object to take hostages.After reaching there they started to spray bullets on common innocent people.Many of people died at the spot. 3. The second terrorist group reached the Oberoy Hotel(5 star hotel) and by the full power of firing they suddenly entered in the hotel. 4. The third terrorists group reached TajMahal Hotel(The biggest Hotel in India and one of the biggest hotel in Asia) and entered in it.After reaching there they started to kill innocent people and the border of the hotel.The general manager and his family consists 3 small children and his wife died at the spot.They also killed some British and Jewish people.Then they made a big blast in the Tajmahal Hotel. 5. The forth group of terrorist occupied the Nariman House and killed many of people and make so many Jewish as a hostage. There was also a group of terrorist who want to capture The International Airport in Mumbai.But cops killed them at the time of entering in the Airport. Already Mumbai police and commando team reached all the affected places and they trying to bring all the hostages back safetly.The whole Mumbai city became a war field now.The war is still goin on.When I am writing this already 150 innocent people(including other country people)were killed and 400 innocent people were badly and seriousely injured.After the end of the WAR the number can be double. Its the biggest attack ever made on India.Our Intelligent says that recently India Navy got a very good sucsess in Somalia in their Anti-Terrorist activity.We down a big pirate ship In the Gulf Of Eden In Somalia.So they take a revenge in such a way.But my friend we will not stop our anti terrorism activity for sure.England-India cricket series already cancelled and other cricket tournaments also stopped.But i want to tell you all people of the world that dont feel insecure to come in India.India will always welcome you all.I think its the time for all people to come together and fight against the international terrorism. PLEASE MY FRIEND HELP US NOW.WE JUST WANT ALL PEOPLE BESIDE US AT THIS TIME. Please just put your valuable comments here who think that they should stand beside India at this time.People from India also put their valuable comment here who want to raise their voice against this terrorist attack. LONG LIVE INDIA,LONG LIVE INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIP AND LONG LIVE MYLOT.
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@kdhartford (1152)
• United States
28 Nov 08
I agree with you. Despite all the talk during the US election, we are still engaged in a war of ideas...a clash of culture with radical islam. I, for one, know that this will be a very long war. I think that this will be the cause for the rest of my life, to defeat terrorist everywhere.