How do you want to spend yor online earned money?

November 28, 2008 4:49am CST
I've seen that most of us here are really earning online money aside from mylot we also earned from our different online earning sites. What are your plans with that money? The money usually goes into our Paypal or AlertPay account. Do you use it to buy from online shops or do you usually cash it out and spend in your other expenses? At the moment I only have money in my Paypal account and I'm planning to get it and cash it out when it reach at least about $200. What about you my co-mylotters what are your plans with your online earned money? Do you want to cash it out or buy it into online shops? Thank you for sharing..
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@darksorrow (4671)
• Bangladesh
28 Nov 08
I have no plan to withdraw my money. My plan is to multiply my money. Because if i have some more money then i can spend without having a crisis in future. That is why right now i am trying to invest the money and trying to multiply it.
@sirrob (4112)
• Philippines
29 Nov 08
I have this in mind to for the meantime and if there's a good site to invest them I will use it but if none then it will stay where it is.
@tryxiness (4548)
• Philippines
25 Dec 08
I wish to spend it in paying my internet connection. Also I want to save something from it. Anyways, the last amount I received from mylot was used purely on savings. Which I think is ok. I want to save more.
@kittenclaus (1393)
• United States
28 Nov 08
I'll cash it out. Than pay bills, bills and more bills. I'm hoping this year I'll start earning more and be able to pay off some of my credit cards. After that happens then I can shop!
@dong1970 (1573)
• Philippines
28 Nov 08
My online earnings would be my savings.I hope so.....It's is hard to find an extra income and have some savings,but with online earnings i could do it.
28 Nov 08
I'm saving my online earnings up in my PayPal account in the hope that I'll have built up enough next year to begin re-investing it. I'm not yet earning enough to make a difference to my day to day life, and it seems to me that I'll never make any big bread unless I learn to use the money I've earned to make more money.
@owelm0408 (1011)
• Philippines
28 Nov 08
i prefer to cash it out than shop online.that's my hard earned money, so i want to see it in my hands and spend it wisely.hehehe
@browneyed (2526)
• United Kingdom
28 Nov 08
Hello, All the money I earn online goes towards paying my living expenses (bills, travel card, rent, food, etc). And it's been pretty helpful - a life saver. I can't tell you how many times I've just about been able to pay my rent with money I've made online.
@mantrix (80)
• Malaysia
28 Nov 08
i want to cash it out