Are you protected?

@dumindum (160)
November 28, 2008 10:36am CST
Do you get a huge bill even if you didnt use your internet? Mayby someone else is using your connection? But how? Is your wireless connection password protection? Or do you think like me "who would bother to serch for connection infront of my house"
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@egdcltd (7316)
28 Nov 08
Mine is password protected, but I have a pretty high download limit anyway. And the answer to your question could quite easily be "Someone who wants to do something illegal on the net, but doesn't want to use their own connection for it". Incidentally, there was a case in the UK where someone went to prison for illegally using someone else's wi-fi connection.
• China
11 Feb 09
password protection is one method. also u can use the MAC address or IP address filter. it's easy to control ur router in LAN, put the MAC addresses of ur own computers into the MAC address filter of ur router, then function it, that's ok.
• India
24 Jan 09
yeah if u r wifi modem is not protected with password anybody can use ur internet,they must be somewat nearer to ur house.If they used without limit u will get the huge bill if u r internet connection is not unlimited.If u have unlimited plan there is no need of worriying.Any way keeping password protection is better. My internet is password protected so that no one can use mine internet. Friends happy mylotting...